superactiongo (superactiongo) wrote in gardenfantasma,

Property Search, week 2

From property20070331

Another Saturday, more property. This time it was several lots about an hour outside of Augusta. Most of them it was apparent pretty quickly they weren't suited to what we're doing. But the first one we saw, which wasn't a lot we were expecting anything from, was a real beaut. Its only drawbacks being a water feature that was very small and several mysterious campers that looked abandoned. Its pluses will be apparent in the photos. 30 acres, topographically great, with a couple of nice clearings and a really beautiful but odd feature.

Following that were several lots that didn't require much looking, along with a few other mystery campers. Then we hot the last lot, the main one we had headed out to see. It was around 30 acres and very affordable, backing up to a small lake, according to the maps. The property itself was very dense woodland, but the lake was not at all what I expected from the map. Much larger and beautiful. Honestly, we were really won over, just because of the lake. We didn't go very far into the actual property because from that side it was almost impassable. We went back to the truck and drove to the other end to see if we could find any ground inside. That's where we met our supposed potential neighbors, the details of which I'll leave to Sarah. But the short version: we got very lucky. We were probably well on our way to making a few stupid financial moves to get this property based solely on the lake. If we had, it would have been too late once we found out there redneck jackasses nearby who weren't thrilled with the weirdos looking around. Taking our leave, it was already becoming clear this was not an area we wanted to live in when I drove past the clincher: A right turn sign with "KKK" spray painted on it. Nice. So long, Washington County.
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