superactiongo (superactiongo) wrote in gardenfantasma,

verdict on week 1

I don't know how long it will be before Sarah's here to explain anything. So I thought I'd keep people posted as it goes. We liked the property for a number of reasons. We weren't exactly sure where the lots extended, that was why we were so comprehensive on the photos. So, we sat and mulled it over and waited on word from the agent on them. Once we finally got the map, the lots are 7 acre lots, very rectangular. We'd be looking at buying, say, 2 together. The area was a good mix of pasture and woods, which we like. But it did have 2 major issues that we've decided are a big deal: no water feature (though there was a dry creek bed that looked as if it must see water from time to time) and heavy power lines cutting right through. Looking at the map of lots it was obvious why these lots were still available: they were the only lots with the power lines cutting through.

So, in the end, we're still looking. We've got leads on a couple of areas for this weekend that look promising, but possibly a bit too pricey.

Our priorities are 1) land that is generally flat and 2) a water feature of some kind. Pond, creek, whatever. Beyond that, we'd like to avoid giant powerlines. Otherwise, the mix of pasture to woods is not as important. We'd just like to grab as much land as we can. Sarah might be a bit more specific.
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