superactiongo (superactiongo) wrote in gardenfantasma,

verdict, week 2

Well, the last lot was a big disappointment, though I really do think we dodged a bullet in having it happen. We were so excited about the lake we really weren't thinking about how tough the land might be to work with. We were already vaguely talking about creative financing, because we were quickly heading toward buying it as fast as we could. So, I think we're very lucky in the long run to have had that little run-in.

The first lot, though, which I'll call "33-D2," was a surprise from the outset and in posting the photos today it's really grown on me. So far I think it's the only lot on our list. But then again, we've only been at this for two weeks and there's a long way to go.

Even the process is a blast.
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